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Egalitatea de şanse


What is the equality of chance?
The equality of chance has its bases in assuring each individual’s full participation at a social and economical life , without any discrimination regarding the ethnical origins, sex, religion, age, handicaps or sexual orientation.
What must you know about the equality of chance?
The equality’s principle for both women and men has developed among the Romanian legislation in the following domains:

  • The working domain;
  • The acces to education, health, culture and information and active participation in making decisions;
  • The supply and access to goods and services.

In addition to the legal dispositions reffering to the equality in treatment between women and men, the UE anti-discrimination legislation has been replaced with the assurance of a minimum standard of protection, and an equal life and work treatment for all the people in Europe. This laws are projected in order to assure an equal treatment, discounting:

  • the rase or ethnical origins;
  • religion and belief;
  • handicaps;
  • sexual orientation;
  • age.

The project’s general target is the development of hiring opportunities of women and persons whom appartain to voulneravle groups from the North-Eastern region, the Vaslui and Iasi counties, throughout actions ment to develop and promote the equality of chance and gender principles.

The project ensures high opportunities for women whom desire to consolidate their career, to find a job or to orientate to another wanted domain on the employment market, better paid, promoting at the same time the equality of chance principle and the hiring chance at the level of local communities in Iasi and Vaslui counties, throughout activities meant to encourage the active participation of women on the employment market.

The project proposes to provide for women, especially for those who find themselves in a vulnerable situation in the Vaslui and Iasi counties:

  • vocational training services in requested domains on the employment market for women;
  • training/upskilling courses;
  • consultance and assistance for beginning a new and independent activity or for initiating a business.

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The main insistutions which take care of respecting the equality of chance principle:

  • The National Agency for the Equality of chance between Men and Women (ANES);
  • The National Council for Discrimination Combating (CNCD) The National Comission in the equality of chance between men and women domain;
  • The County Councils and the municiple of Bucharest in the equality of chance between men and women domain;
  • The National Agency for The Employment Comittee;
  • The National Pensions House and other Rights of Social Assurance Labour Inspection;
  • The National Council of Professional Forming of Adults – the National Agency for Family Protection;
  • The Scientifical Institute in the Labour Comittee and Social Protection and The National Institute of Research- Development for the Labour Comittee;
  • The Ministry of Education, Research and of Youth, by the Territorially School Inspectorates;
  • The Minister of Public Health;
  • The National Institute of Statistics;
  • The Economical and Social Council (CES).

The main insistutions which take care of respecting the equality of chance principle are:

  • The Vaslui County Council (tel: 0235 361 089 by DGASPC) and the Iasi County Council (tel: 0232 235 100);
  • The Vaslui National Agency for The Employment Comittee (tel. 0235 318 184) and Iasi (tel.0232 254 577);
  • The Vaslui National Pensions House and other Rights of Social Assurance Labour Inspection (tel. 0235 311 260) and Iasi (tel.0232 218 540) for The Vaslui Employment Comittee (tel. 0235 319 067) and Iasi (tel. 0232 257 100);
  • The Vaslui County Statistic Direction (tel. 0235 315 944) and Iasi (tel. 0232 210 227).

:The Romanian legislation on the employment domain regulate a series of aspects in the gender discrimination area:

  1. The recruitment and selection on the employment market (access in the employment market);
  2. Work relationships;
    a. the professional training and upskilling;
    b. the Promotion;
    c. the Penalization;
    d. the Dismissal;
    e. the Payment;
  3. fhe maternity-protection;
  4. sexual harassment at the work place.


The applicable legislation to these principles:

  • HG 10-2013 regarding the organization and functioning of the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Older People;
  • The 25-2012 law for preventing and combating the Domestic Violence;
  • HG 237-2010 national strategy for the equality of chance 2010-2012;
  • OUG 68-2010 regarding some reorganisation measures of the Minstry of Labour, Family and Social Protection
  • OUG 111-2010 regarding the holiday and the monthly indemnification for raising children;
  • 62-2009 law for approving OUG 61-2008 goods and services;
  • HG 319-2006 National Strategy for the 2006-2009 equality of chance;
  • HG 1.054-2005 order- COJES Regulation;
  • HG 319-2006 National Strategy for the 2006-2009 equality of chance;
  • The 1.054-2005 order- COJES Regulation;
  • 217-2013 law for preventing and combating de Domestic violence;
  • 53-2003 law Labour Code;
  • 202-2002 republished law regarding the equality of chance and treatment between women and men;
  • 137-2000 Ordinance regarding the prevention and penalizing discrimination;
  • 210-1999 law regarding the parental holiday.

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