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Femeile P.O.T. (Putere, Organizare, Tenacitate)


By using actions meant to develop and promote the equality principle of chances and gender, the project desires to increase the hiring opportunities for women and persons who belongs to vulnerable groups from the North-Eastern region, located in the Vaslui and Iasi counties.

The project proposes to provide for the women located in the Vaslui and Iasi counties two types of specialized services, especially for those who find themselves in a vulnerable situation, established by the 72/2002 law regarding the unemployment insurance and the necessary stimulation for occupying the work force.

a. providing the personal forming services, in domains craved among the work force for women:

– baby-sitter;
– elder people social assistant;
– garment worker –asamblor of textile fabrics;
– commerce worker;
– sales agent.

Perfecting courses/skills upgrade courses:

¤ Entrepreneurialism;
¤ IT skills;
¤ Social-civic communication/skills with a personal development component;
¤ Foreign langauges- beginners level- medium;
¤ Human resources inspectors;
¤ Primary accounting system.

b. Providing consultance and assistance services for beginning an independent activity or for innitiating a business.

1. Our desire is to develop the skills and qualifications of at least 450 women ( coming from the rural/urban area, who find themselves in very difficult situations and that want to advance with thier carrers), located in the Vaslui and Iasi counties, by creating a number of specialized forming programms in 18 months.

2. We want to support at leas 85 women from Vaslui and Iasi, that want to advance with their carrers or to start a bussiness, by creating specific forming programs and methodological support for initiating a bussiness, within 18 months.
3. Promoting and encouraging the active participation on the Labour Market of women from the Vaslui and Iasi counties, throughout activities meant to consolidate the equality of chance and gender principles at the level of local communities.

The target group of the project: 450 WEMEN form Vaslui and Iasi (focusing on the vulnerable ones) coming from the urban/rural area, who want to maintain themselves on the Labour Market, to advance with their careers or to activate in entrepreneurship.

The women who participate at the qualification/re-qualification will recieve a subvention of 400 lei at the end of the course.

  • Organizing custom services for people coming from the targeted groups, selected through project:
    Delivering proffesional forming services in domains requested on the labour market for women ( baby-sitters, elder people social assistant, garment worker –asamblor of textile fabrics, commerce worker, sales agent specializing/perfecting courses, entrepreneurialism, IT skills, social-civic specialization/perfecting courses with a personal development component, foreign languages, begginers level to medium, human resources inspectors, primary accounting system);
    Providing consultance and assistance services for beginning an indepedent activity or for initiating a bussiness;
  • Building an associative structure of women – ONG “WOMEN CAN”;
  • Making a study which reffers to women’s role in society- Iasi and Vaslui case study;
  • Informing campaign about women’s rights, named “WOMEN CAN – SUCCESSFUL STORIES”, finalized with a festivity event in which the successful women from Iasi and Vaslui counties will be awarded a prize.

The project’s management team:

VASILIU CRISTINA – project manager;
ANTON MARIA – technical manager;
ALBU ALINA ISABELA – assistant manager;
IACOB IULIA – procurement officer;
HUZUM DIANA – financial manager;
NOVAC LEONID – responsible of payments;
COROLIUC IULIAN CLAUDIU – responsible partner;
COROLIUC ANCA MARINELA – activity’s intruction coordinator.

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